Marketing is one of the most important parts of your business. Here’s a few tips:


Marketing plan

Create a Marketing Plan as a part of your business plan that will lay out the strategies and steps in your marketing process.



Create your branding that is designed to sell. Hire someone to create a professional logo and branding materials for promo


Niche down & Find your Target Market 

Know the audiences you are talking to. If you don’t already have a target market,  you can build one! Create a community of your ideal customers or clients


Social Media Strategies

  • Ads & Promo– running ads from IG/FB will help you reach your audience. Promos are paying pages to post your business and they will helpyou with exposure and followers. If you want promo this weekend, DM me on @manifestyourempire


  • Creating Content-Create content with conversions in mind yet engaging with your community and adding tons of value. Give free game, be entertaining, shoot reels and get professional photos done of your products,  services or people (yourself, models, influencers
  • Stay Active- I post up to 3 times a day. This keeps me relevant and active in my audience’s minds and it reminds them to follow up or inquire about services they may have forgot about since people are so busy!


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