Corporate Sessions & Workshops for Organizations

Workshops for Entrepreneurs 

The community of entrepreneurs that you serve can learn the dynamics of Social entrepreneurship, Balance of Life & Business including homeschooling children, Diversity & Representation within their company along with how to market effectively in an inclusive way, Build a team culture andcreate a community with equality and equity. Workshops are done virtually.


Mindset & Breathology Sessions 

Mafdet was a meditation and yoga teacher for 14 years. Mindfulness & Wellness in your Organization. Breathing techniques, daily mindset practices and hatha yoga to avoid overwhelm and burnout, addressing anxiety and overcoming depression in your business environment


Digital Strategies in Business

Pivot during the Pandemic and learn Digital Strategies to Grow your business online. Mafdet has grown the MYE Instagram page to 14.1K, implemented many online strategies and created an online community of 500+ entrepreneurs. Learn how to tap into the online world of business to pivot during this time and keep growing your company