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Hi! I’m Mafdet and I’m a business mentor and social media marketing strategist. I work with brands that want to grow their business on social media by creating marketing startegies, marketing campaigns, run FB/IG/Google ads, social media growth and effective content creation.

Many of my clients have successfully increased sales and followers while making back their investment!

I have 18 years of business experience that I share with my mentees. I teach them successful marketing strategies, how to reach the right target market and the steps to making money while being real, authentic and relatable

If you are ready to start your business journey, book me for mentoring!




Mafdet helped me a lot in my business.  We created a new plan to get more clientele and I really appreciate her for being patient and working with me. I’ll definitely be calling her again

Fashion designer & Digital Artist 

My experience was great! I received great information about Facebook pixels and minor changes that can be made….I know that it will contribute to my brand success!  


Clothing boutique 


I definitely received good feedback about which direction to take my brand and how to improve in marketing as well as the look of my IG page. Very helpful and glad I had the consult! 


Lit Nail Co
Press-on nails