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Influencers: Tips on Collaborating with brands

I made a blog post 5 Steps to starting Influencer Work to share anout the benefits of influencer marketing and how to get started.

Here’s some more tips on how to collaborate with brands:

  • Make your feed esthetically beautiful to look at. Some influencers create themes and presets (Ex: a theme of patterns posted. One meme and one photo for example) but you can also simply post professional content with clear photos to make your feed appealing to your audience and brands
  • Reach out to brands that are no more than double your following and request  to collaborate. Send them an an email with your media kit. Be professional, warm and kind!
  • Tell them your rates and accept a trade collaboration with products in exchange for rates if you’re just starting out. Give them your address to send the products and be clear about how many posts you will do, what your ideas are around creating creative content to attract your audience to their brand (photography shoot settings, different kinds of videos such as unboxings) and offer a certain amount of extra photos that includes their brand items so that  they can use it for promitional use
  • For hotel collaborations, the smaller boutique hotels often want you to develop a relationship with then first. Follow their pages, engage with them, message them every once and a while to keep on touch. Do this for months before you plan to visit there
  • Your rates to promote the hotel will be in exchange for their rates for a room to stay at the hotel
  • Hotel collaborations in general love it when you have more to offer other than your social media presence. Photography skills, bloggers, YT channels for reviews, skills like teaching yoga if it’s a retreat spot and if you’re certified, offering workshop sessions (if you have that experience), offering your products/gifts/offerings to the staff or other guests
  • If their daily rates are higher than your collab rates the other incentives come in handy to level the trade value. If your extra services are higher than the trade then you can always charge the hotel for those extra services. Lastly, always tip the hotel and partners of the hotel that you’ve used their services after your stay!

Post promos for brands in feed and  stories with their tag


Create a collabs folder to save promos in highlights

After a successful collaboration, reach out to the brand again after a period of time to propose a paid collab

💎Get email templates to reach out to brands and hotels

💎A template to create your media kit template in Canva

💎Tips about creating an asthetically appealing feed

💎Pointers on how to increase your engagement rate

💎What to charge and what you’re worth based on your SM page

Influencer marketing collaboration kit

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