LIVE! 5 Steps to Secure Collabs

October 18, 2020



Free of Charge

If you have a brand to promote online, this Live session is for you!💎

Monetizing online through influencer marketing is a huge industry that you can tap into and grow your business

With the right strategies, it can be a solid part of your overall marketing plan to be a success in marketing🙌🏽

I will cover the 5 ways to collabs along with the pros and cons to secure collaborations for your brand💰

And no doubt, we will cover how to know the difference between fake and real influencers so that you find the right creators to collab with!🙈

We’ll talk about paid promotions, hiring micro/macro influencers on IG, celebs for endorsement, getting reviews on YT and more🔥

Mafdet, the founder of MYE has done several collaborations and worked with many WOC and BOB’s. She knows how secure trade/gifted and paid collaborations (that includes travel and hotels)