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Business During This Pandemic

There’s countless businesses struggling to survive during this pandemic. The one type of business that is holding up the best is online businesses or ones that found creative ways to run online.

I get it! these times are hard and not easy to navigate. There’s ways that I found help me to function in my business better during these times:

  • I don’t force anything. Not everything in the to-do list has to get done. I was even not feeling well for a week ( not covid related) and it set me back in my progress a lot. Instead of letting it make me crazy like it would have in the past I paced myself and slowly allowed myself to get back on track. The thing about this pandemic is there’s so many ways it effects us at once that if we fight against the grain it will only backfire. It helps to be patient and take time to work in our businesses
  •  I prioritize even more now. With my children being home and them being our of school and having a toddler with even less things to do, I prioritize my time and make space for family first. What I found is if I plug away at my business relentlessly in this pandemic it takes away from work/life balance
  • Taking the opportunity to learn and research has been great! I always take the time to read and do courses but especially now, I have a lot more time to do that and it’s been great to apply that knowledge to my life and business
  • Health is Wealth! Especially now. I prioritize my wellness to have enough energy to give to my business and have stronger immunity to prevent getting sick


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