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Brands: Tips on Collaborating with Social Media Influencers

Your brand will thrive with the right marketing in place. Almost every business owner I know has said marketing has been one of the hardest parts of business!

Influencer marketing can help you get ahead during these times of a crises since almost everyone is shopping online and you can utilize social media influencers to get more eyes on your business.

Here’s some things to keep in mind when working with influencers:

*Check their engagement and activity. If it looks like they are using several engagement groups or buying likes and followers then move on! Even lower engagement with an organic account is better than higher engagement that’s fake

*Send them a DM asking if they want to collaborate and follow up with an email
Ex: “Good morning! I found you on ______. I just followed you. Do you collaborate with brands? I would love to collaborate with you and send you a ton of my products for free in exchange for promotion on your page!”

*Be clear on your terms. Have a contract ready as well. You can do a trade collaboration for a certain amount of posts, highlight saves and reviews. Just be sure that you send products(always cover shipping, many influencers get duped with brands trying to scam them to pay for products on discount and shipping but still want brand promotion) equal to their rates. Their rates should reflect the amount of followers and engagement rate that they currently have for their account

* If the collab went well, keep them on your list to collaborate with them again but next time pay them a fee on top of the free products to compensate them for their work to promote your brand
*Request a certain amount of high quality photos to be used for marketing purposes as well

* This tip isn’t required for you to do but I know personally when I do influencer work, that I appreciate when brands actually use the content that i give them and re-share my posts that I promote for them on their feeds. If you value your influencer, be sure to post their content created for your brand on your feed and in stories!

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