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5 Ways to Pivot in Business

Times are still very unpredictable and it’s easy to feel stuck as entrepreneurs. The pandemic has went on longer than we expected and we don’t know when the end will be in sight. We just got out of a lockdown for the 2nd time here in Toronto!

Here’s 5 tips to pivoting to monetize online:

1. Upgrade your site and get your systems together to make your site visitors have a smooth and good experience on your site. Be sure your CTA’s (call to actions) are clear and will encourage people to buy from you

2. Be active on social media. Engage with your audience. Use reels and go live often. Post often to keep them hooked in! Place your link in bio and offer a freebie or code as an incentive for your community to buy from you

3. Network to make new connections. Most of the time it’s not what you are selling but who you know. Connections will lead to success in your business. Collaborate and partner with other businesses online. Go live with them to cross-promote

4. Join FB groups with your niche. Post and share in those groups often. Do a mix of adding value and making promo posts so that you’re not being sale-sy but you are contributing to the community also

5. Run some FB and IG ads. If you are just starting only run posts that are about brand awareness then retarget those people who engaged with you to get another set of ads that you are selling something they want or that fits their interests. I suggest you start at $5 a day. If the ad isn’t performing well and you aren’t making sales after 5-7 days then shut it off

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