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5 Steps to Becoming An Influencer

Being a social media influencer can be fun and a great side hustle! There might be countless theories about the direction and impact of influencer marketing but the market isn’t going anywhere. Some believe it will stay strong and continue to bring results to brands, others believe that the market it’s full of fake accounts and influencers that will cause it to crash. I believe despite the fake accounts and influencers that the industry will stay strong and only continue to grow.

During these times, in a pandemic, there’s an influx of online shopping. It’s makes more sense that brands will use influencers to market their products and services!

If you’re looking to start as an influencer, here’s 5 steps:

  1. Set up your IG account by posting more images of you showcasing and tagging brands. This is something I look for when I choose influencers. If all they have is selfies or random pics and don’t show potential for my brand to be posted or promoted I don’t choose them. Even if it’s products you buy for now. You can start tagging the companies in your posts
  2. Get home photography equipment. Post beautiful, clear, professional and clean looking photos. IG is a visual platform so you want your page to look as attractive as possible!
  3. Increase engagement on your account. Do it organically since brands can usually tell when you don’t. Engage with other accounts on your page and do a CTA (call to action) with each post to get them to drop comments
  4. Once you got all set up an you can reach out to brands. Ideally, start with reaching out to brands no more than double your following count. You can dm them and send emails to the brand requesting to collaborate and attach your media kit
  5. Start with trade collabs until you gain a portfolio and experience then you can start charging brands. Whether it’s a trade or paid collab you should never pay for the items that you are promoting, even if it’s a discount code and you should never pay shipping. (There’s a ton of scam-ish brands out there)

What you should charge and how to create a media kit and more details on securing collaborations (including hotel collaborations) are in my Work, Travel & Monetize Ebook

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