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5 Powerful Affirmations for Entrepreneurs


Affirmations are a powerful way to speak your goals into existence. Your brain is wired to be receptive to words of intentions that you recite and it imprints on your conscience to help you actualize what you affirm


It’s said in many traditions that it takes 40 days to change habits and start a new pattern in life. I created 40 affirmations daily with journal work in the 40 Day Transformation Planner that I created for entrepreneurs.

These 5 affirmations are from the 40 Day Transformation Planner:

  1. My career is flourishing and serving great purpose in my life
  2. I’m open to receiving a wealth of opportunities to serve my goals
  3. I am worthy of the success I am creating in my life
  4. Every action I take is advancing my financial abundance
  5. I am doing what I love and I attract the clients I want in my business

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